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Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Ms. K

Meagan is wonderful! I cannot say enough lovely things about her and my experience with her. I did a boudoir photo shoot and I've never felt so empowered and beautiful! She was lots of fun and easy to talk with and made me feel 100% comfortable. She was awesome at showing me how to pose and we had a lot of laughs. Would definitely go again and I can't wait to get some family photos with her!

Calgary Boudoir Photographer - Brittany

Ms. B

I have done various photography sessions with Meagan and every session is unique in its own way. I feel as if each session with Meagan gets better and better. She is so wise, helpful, confident, kind, and very professional. It's truly amazing how she transforms my view of myself. It is because of Meagan that I am confident in how my body looks. I have endured a lot of trauma in my life, and it is extremely difficult to find that love for myself all on my own, I've been doing it for years, Meagan truly is a special person to be able to allow myself to feel comfortable with myself and to be engulfed in self-love. She has done the impossible and I'm truly blessed to be able to look at myself in the mirror with confidence, all because of a woman named Meagan behind the camera!


Ms. S

I cannot express how much I love the photos Meagan takes. I've used her several times, and will continue to use her as my go-to photographer because I'm always blown away and never let down when I receive photos from her.

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2021 Session fee is $450 including Hair and Makeup. 

Digitals and Product Collections start at $550.

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