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How to prep for your Boudoir Session

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I know booking a boudoir session can be nerve wracking but I am here to tell you that I will make this as comfortable as I can for you!! Whether you bring a friend to your session for moral support or we blast some fun music and dance around if needed!

Boudoir Sessions are more than just pictures. They can boost your confidence, document weight loss, or give you awesome bragging rights of how good you look! All of these are total bonuses for you to book a session right now!

My pricing is broken up into two parts! First, I have a $250 session fee and my digitals and product collections are sold separately. The session fee includes help with styling and finding the perfect outfits, professional posing and direction the whole time, as well as a private viewing after your session to select your favorite digitals to fill your collection! If you want a more pampered experience, you can add on hair and makeup styling for $150. Most of my clients spend around $1400-$3000 but my lowest package starts at $550.

I will help you plan EVERYTHING from hair and makeup to what you want to wear! You can literally bring your whole closet and I will help you pick what I think would look best! To help with your comfort level, we can photograph your session at my studio or your home. This is TOTALLY up to you!

So you have just booked your boudoir session, you have taken the first step and you are ready to make this session the best experience possible! The first thing to do is to drink a bunch of water and stretch daily a week or two before your session. I always joke that no one ever tells you that a boudoir session is like a workout. Many of the poses use muscles that you don't necessarily use everyday, so it is great to stretch first so you are super flexible.


Now I know shopping for bras and lingerie isn't always the funnest experience. There is so many options and you don't know what is best for your body type. WELL I AM HERE TO HELP YOU OUT!!! Once you book your session with me, I will send you a Outfit guide that explains all of this and gives you some great outfit inspiration.

I do have body jewelry, robes, nipple covers, and sheer tops for you to wear during your session if you would like. You can see my Client Wardrobe here:


Now its time to treat yourself like the goddess you are!!

  1. Remove or Tidy up any unwanted hair. Whether it is getting your eyebrows done or waxing down below, I always recommend doing this at least two or three days before so you give it day to settle. If you are like me and you break out after getting your eyebrows done, then I recommend getting them threaded or waxed a week before.

  2. NO SPRAY TANS!!! BACK AWAY FROM THE TANNING LOTIONS OR THE TANNING BED RIGHT NOW!! There has been way to many times where my clients have gotten a fake tan and then have weird orange lines or discolouration that is super tricky to photoshop out. I fully retouch your photos and I will make your skin look absolutely stunning so there is no need to get a quick tan before your session.

  3. WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!! When summer is here, it is so easy to burn your skin (trust me I know! Last summer I burnt my back when wearing a Lulu sports bra and I was stuck with a X tan line for the whole summer). So please please please wear your sunscreen when you are outdoors. It will not only protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it will also prevent any horrible tan lines.

  4. Get those nails done!! This is a common thing to overlook but chipped nail polish or dead skin can really distract from your photos. I recommend getting a neutral color or even a French manicure done. This also applies for your toe nails!!

  5. Lotion the day of your session. Let's make your skin look healthy, silky, and smooth. I highly recommend putting on some lotion a hour or two before your session so your skin is hydrated but you also aren't slipping everywhere when taking your photos.

  6. Wear loose clothing. I am giving you a GREAT EXCUSE to wear the comfy sweatpants you love before your session. Any tight clothing can leave marks on your skin which is not the desired look you are probably going for.


I highly recommend adding on my hair and makeup package to your session. It takes away so much stress and leaves you feeling pampered. When it comes to makeup you can keep it simple and do a natural look or you can go full glam! This is totally up to you and what you feel more comfortable in. I want you to look back on these photos and still feel like yourself. The Makeup artist is just here to enhance your beauty, not to make you into someone that you aren't.


Once your hair and makeup is all finished and you are feeling like a total bad ass, we will pick which outfits you want to wear and plan the session accordingly. Feel free to bring a bunch of options and I can help you choose what I think will look best.

When it comes to posing, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT A THING!! I will pose you from head to toe. You do not have to worry about how your hair looks or if you are making a "resting bitch face" because I look out for all of that! I have tips on how to look serious and sexy without looking miserable and mad. I will mess with your hair so that way I can ensure you have no crazy pieces sticking out or being stuck to your eyelashes/lipstick.

I always play music when I do boudoir sessions to lighten the mood so if you have a Spotify playlist you love let me know and I will make sure I have it all set up for you. I want you to feel like a total Boss Babe and I find that music always helps to build confidence. I know that a boudoir session is a new awkward experience but I promise you once you are done your session you are going to have a whole new confidence level that you didn't know was possible.

Don't forget to relax and have fun. Sometimes my clients are afraid to smile because they are going for a sexy serious look but I promise you that your smile is one of the sexiest things about you, so don't be afraid to laugh and show those pearly whites.


The photo shoot is all over, you are feeling like a bad ass, and you are so excited to see the resulting photos. About 5-7 days after your session you will come back to my studio and view your amazing photos. This is where you will look at my products and we will create the best package that fits your needs. We will design your album together so you can make sure it is absolutely perfect. There will be calming music playing and you will have an option of coffee, tea, water, or champagne. I want this to be a fun relaxing experience for you.

This will be the last time you see your photos before I place the order so please be super vocal about anything you want changed before I retouch and order the products you want.


I order all your products to my studio so I can ensure they are perfect and there was no damage done during shipping. Once they arrive I will let you know and you can come pick them up. It takes about 3-4 weeks for your products to arrive after the ordering date.

Do you still have more questions? NO WORRIES!! Feel free to email me at and I can help you out!!

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