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Ms. M's Boudoir Session - Airdrie + Calgary Portrait Photographer

By: Meagan Paige Photography


Everytime I look at these photos I can hear Taylor Swift singing "Draw the Cat Eye sharp enough to kill a Man" because WOW look how amazing her eyeliner is!! This gorgeous lady is the new Brand Ambassador for Meagan Paige Photography :) This was her first boudoir session and she absolutely crushed it!

You can see a fun behind the scenes video from this session here:

Fun Fact about this session, when this gorgeous babe Melissa and our mutual friend Jessica come to my studio, I break something. I swear I am not that clumsy of a person but the last two times IN A ROW when these two lovely ladies have came to my house, I have broken a glass cup and now more recently MY HUGE GLASS MIRROR!!! Since Mother Nature is finally blessing us with some warmer weather I thought it would be a great time to open the windows of my studio, little did I know, I did not angle the mirror enough and BAM down it went right when Melissa and Jessica arrived at my front door. Luckily enough it didn't totally shatter so after we cleaned up the little pieces that broke off we were still able to use it for the rest of the session.

But other than the chaotic start to this session, we had so much fun trying out the newest plant set up in my studio and getting some dark and moody detail shots that I have been loving lately! It is a look I have been wanting to do for awhile and since Michaels had their plants for 40% off I knew now was the perfect time!

If you are interested in getting three boudoir sessions for free this year and you are passionate about making other women feel absolutely beautiful, make sure to head to our Brand Ambassador Program here:

I hope you love these photos as much as I do :) I am currently booking for Summer 2023 and beyond so if you are interested in booking a boudoir session with me, please contact me here:


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