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BEST 30TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION EVER! - Calgary Cake Smash Photographer

Updated: Feb 17

There was glitter, bubbles, and SO MUCH CAKE!! I mean does a birthday celebration get any better than that?!?!? Kristen booked her cake smash session during my Black Friday Sale last year so we have been pretty excited for this to happen for quite some time now! We decided to do it outdoors since she wanted her friends and boyfriend to join and this would give us more room to play. This was a different kind of cake smash (meaning it wasn't for a one-year-old) so we thought we should add some glitter, bubbles, and some "fake" champagne! It was more than just a photoshoot it was a celebration!! Turning 30 doesn't need to be a sad event, you just need to own it like Kristen did and just have a blast with your friends.

So this cake smash was a little more eventful than I was planning. I had everything ready to go by my front door and was about to start filling up my car with props when my 3 dogs decided they wanted to taste test the cake. I mean they ate pretty much half of it RIGHT BEFORE I WAS LEAVING FOR THE SESSION!! Thank goodness Crave Cupcakes had a cake that fit our theme and I was able to get it before the session started! That is why in one of the photos she has two cakes, the one with the flowers is the one my dogs ate! Kristen was a great sport during the whole fiasco and she was even having her own little fiasco at party city when the balloons she got wouldn't float and the employees didn't seem to care to much about it! But at the end of the day, the cake was delicious, the balloons floated, and we all had a blast.

If you want to book a cake smash for yourself, message me at info@meaganpaigephoto.com

For cake smashes, I customize the whole set so we can achieve any theme possible! If you do the session in my studio, we can take some boudoir photos as well if you want!



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