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2021 STUDIO LOOK | Calgary AB Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

This year I really want to focus on booking more boudoir sessions. With this being said, I figured it was time to change up the studio a bit. So far I have added a new mirror, lamps, and nightstands and I am absolutely loving the result. New Studio Look obviously meant that I needed to do some self-portraits to test it out!

I hope you love them as much as I do!!

Fun Fact! The sheets were actually teal but when I was messing around in photoshop I decided I like this Royal Blue better! My puppy Vax'ildan definitely liked the silk sheets because when I was cleaning up my studio afterward he decided to do zoomies all over them.

If you are interested in booking a boudoir session in this studio, email me at






Meagan Paige Photography - Calgary and Surrounding Area Photographer

Meagan Paige Photography offers a wide range of photography services including Boudoir, Newborn, Maternity, Family, Business Branding and so much more!


About Me:

Hi there, I am Meagan Paige!! I am the one answering all the emails, posting on social media, and taking all your lovely photos. I have been doing photography for about 5 years. Everyone I know says I was born in the wrong era. I absolutely love anything vintage especially Vintage Cameras! When I am not taking photos I am out buying more props for my future sessions or of course spending time with my amazing boyfriend and crazy puppies! Family is incredibly important to me and I cherish every moment I spend with my parents and sister! I love capturing the moment and making memories last forever.

This website is my way of showing what I am capable of and how much photography means to me. I post new photoshoots as soon as I can in hopes to keep my website new and exciting! I am more than welcome to branch out of my comfort zone and try something new, so if you don't see the certain style you are looking for message me and we can work something out. I am always for learning new tricks and techniques. I hope you enjoy my work and have a fantastic day! XOXO



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